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The employees at this place treat it as if it's their playground they shouted long distances to each other irrelevant of who was there. I waited 17 minutes to get two rolls of sushi there was not an order in place for this Chef not to take out not an internal order and yet that's how long it took the man was standing there . People do yourself a favor and avoid this place at all costs and the Chinese one as well because it's one operation pays to pay the toll on the Verrazano to go into Brooklyn you'll be much happier. And to add insult to injury they tried to rip me off by adding a surcharge on one of the rolls of sushi which I ordered when it says nowhere on any of their menus printed or handwritten.

This review was left 6 months ago for:

Scoops Ice Cream & Cafe

949 Jewett Ave
New York, NY US
(718) 554-6868

Quality of Food star
Cleanliness star
Quality of Service star
Pricing star star star
Overall Establishment star

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